Greetings, World Language colleagues:

I'd like to share information with teachers and school districts about hosting a short-term exchange program for Chinese teens next summer.  It's both a great opportunity to expand your district's cultural horizons here in New Hampshire, and a summer job that combines income with professional learning.  

I've coordinated a 12-day program at Conant for the last three summers, and it has been a big success from multiple perspectives:   local teens who participate as "Peer Ambassadors,"  families who've hosted the Chinese students,  community members who've welcomed group visits ranging from the fire station to the supermarket to local farms, and of course the Chinese students who build English skills, learn about American culture, and invariably fall in love with our beautiful home state.  

My husband, is Regional Coordinator (NH) for Spiral International.  The attached description includes his contact information.  I'm also happy to answer questions and to help however I can.  


Patricia McCarthy

Spanish and Latin Teacher / World Languages Coordinator

Conant High School, Jaffrey NH


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